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Order Food in Train

Indian Railways are the most preferred transportation mode in India. Train travel becomes merrier if you have your food companion as per your choice. With the advent of technology, food delivery in train is now made possible across 600+ cities via RailRecipe. Every traveler can now order food on train online and get assured delivery on their berth. One can enjoy preferred khana in train by ordering food online during train journey.

How to Order Food Online in Trains?

One can order food in train with simple, quick and easy steps mentioned below:

Feed in Your PNR/Train Number:One can enter their 10 digit PNR or Train Number. This helps us to fetch your train route and journey details.

Select Station:Choose station from the drop down at which you would like to have your lunch or dinner.

Customize Your Menu: Order food in train of your choice and as per your needs.

Proceed to Checkout:You can pay online or opt for COD (Cash on Delivery).

Enjoy Your Food:Enjoy your food on your seat.

Safety Precautions While Delivering Food in Train:

Amidst this pandemic, we have laid down strict procedures for our food delivery channels in order to ensure that food delivery in train is safer than ever before. Some of the precautions which we have undertaken include:

Regular Temperature check for the delivery persons.

Complete sanitization of cutleries and dinning essentials.

Ensure Contact less delivery of food from FSSAI approved restaurants.

Book your food online in train and get delivery PAN Indian from RailRecipe.

Why order food online for train journey with RailRecipe?

RailRecipe believes in the motto of “under-promise and over-deliver”. There are numerous reasons on why one should choose to order khana in train with Railrecipe. Here are few quick reasons to for you to choose us:

Coverage:  RailRecipe caters to 600+ locations and most un-covered stations which other food service provider won’t offer.

Variety of Food Options:  Each of the location we cater, offers food variety choices, which can suit any taste bud preference for all age groups.

State of the Art Services:  RailRecipe has been famous and known for offering state of the art services to its passengers irrespective of religion, caste, creed, designation or others. For us, each of our customer stands the same and people simply need to order from our platform and rest will be taken care of with utmost accuracy covering the quality, preparation of food, delivery and packaging on time and so.

Cater to special food preferences:  We cater to food preferences such as “Pure Jain Food”,Marwari Thali etc.

Delivery for Group travelers across all transport modes:  We also deliver at airports and popular bus routes for group travelers. Don’t forget to checkout bulk food order in train.

Need assistance on ordering food in train with RailRecipe, simple give us a call at 8448440386.

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Few of the honest review from our valuable customers who rated RailRecipe's service with Avg. rating of 4.6

I was on a business tour to my HO at Mumbai. Being a south Indian, I wanted to have pure south indian thali. I tried for the first time ordering it online and was amazed with the quality of food delivered right at my desk. Truly amazing! I would suggest to improve packaging a bit more.
Anirudh Reddy

We were traveling for a wedding trip and we were 24 people in a group. Ordered food on call with Railrecipe. The customer support was awesome. I also got discount and a perfect meal for our dinner at Bhopal station. Thank you so much!
Nishita Rathee

I'm a pure Jain and I wanted to check if they really provide Jain food. Ordered for 12 people at Vadodara station. They took a lot care and the food was really pure Jain. A much needed for people like us. I would recommend everyone Jain family to trust them and order.
Sorav Jain

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