“Adversity brings the best out of everyone”- A famous english proverb and also a universal truth which most of people around the world be in consensus amidst of this lockdown. Humans are tend to perform better when the killer instinct inherent in them arises under adverse circumstances. Well, a lot of things are already vivid among people around the world such as “Gratitude”. Clapping up for frontline workers and health staffs was observed across all countries was something never done before and truly an exemplar that we all stand together and thank our life saviours. Amidst all this, we discovered some of the unique and humorous personality traits among ourselves and our friends and these are very commendable and motivating at the same time. Here’re some really humorous ones we thought everyone would relate to:

  • “Bhukkad” of the Year Friend: The friend who would be keen to focus more on consuming maximum pizza slices from the crust and is always on hunger spree. These buddies are now enjoying their time during this lockdown by satiating their taste buds all day long. We call them as “Bhukkad” or foodie friend.Bhukkad of the Year Friend


  • The “SAFAI Karamchari” Friend: Perhaps someone who would have never done any cleaning work before this lockdown at home and is now putting up status over social profiles sharing his love for “SAFAI” or cleanliness. The whole new SAFAI Karamchari Avatar of such friends would have surely amused you during this lockdown.Safai Karamchari In Lockdown


  • The “YOGA SE HOGA” Friend: Our buddy who always used to suggest everyone to start doing yoga steps at home. We can all hear him over chat that “Maine bola tha, Yoga se hi hoga” slogan. He would be keen on sharing tips to all of us during this lockdown. We can call them “Lockdown Yogi”. Yoga se Hoga Friend in Lockdown


  • The Up-coming Tic-Tok Star Friend: The new tic-tok star in the making during this lockdown. These buddies would be busy all day long over the channels showcasing their hidden lip-syncing abilities and preparing humorous duets and sharing it among all groups and stories over social channels. Well, thanks for being out there as a source of fun, guys Upcoming tic tok star of the lockdown


  • The “KUMBHKARAN” Buddies: These are now in their real avatar and enjoying the stay at home in true manner. They are the ones whose major part of the plan during the weekends would be to sleep all day long. We can now get the hell out of them if they still complaint of not getting enough of sleep post this lockdown.Kumbhkaran Buddies in Lockdown


  • The “MASTER-CHEFF” Friend: The friend whose tiffin we all loved to peep into and try to get a bite or exchange with our lunchbox. They are the ones who are now trying out all the dishes at home and putting it over insta stores and more. We all surely would comment, asking them to keep them prepared for the next meet-up. Master Chef Friend In Lockdown


  • The “Aashiqs Under House Arrest” Buddy: They have the most un-bearable time in this lockdown as they are the lover birds whose feathers are trimmed due to lockdown situation. They are the ones who are consuming a lot of bandwidth on video calls all day long. We have condolences for such souls and wish them to keep showering their love for each other through quotes.Love Birds in Lockdown


  • The New Gardener or Mali friend: The newly turned “Mali” friend who is showcasing his love for nature during this lockdown. He would be the one putting up his flower pots all over the social profiles these days. Please continue it post this lockdown as well as a hobby.The New Gardener or Mali Friend

We are sure that you must have discovered other interesting traits among your gang during this lockdown. Share your gang new avatar in the comments. We would be happy to see creative folks out their during this lockdown. We would suggest everyone to stay safe and find ways to stay productive during this lockdown. Here’re 5 apps which can help you stay productive amidst of this pandemic.

8 Humorous Personality Traits Uncovered Amidst Lockdown Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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