Are you someone who also says this, “I am hungry to eat Non-Veg anytime ”! If yes then hey buddy, we both have the same tooth and we are sure you would not mind if we ask you to taste some of the juicy, crispy, hot & spicy recipes from RailRecipe on Train. Let’s explore what would your Non Veg Food menu look like if you order from RailRecipe online on the train and find out how RailRecipe gets food prepared in your nearest FSSAI restaurants each time you place an order with them:

Find out what’s on your RailRecipe Non-Veg Menu on Train to Order

Non-Veg Sizzlers & Starters:

  1. Chicken Tikka: The juicy, spicy, and smalls chunks of chicken is first marinated overnight in yogurt, spices, and fresh herbs and then grilled to perfection to taste tender, juicy, and mouth melting with a fresh taste of chicken in each bite. Served hot with freshly prepared coriander chutney, you may ask for Tandoori Chicken Tikka if you love savoring smoky flavored chicken

chicken tikka

  1. Chicken Rolls: Prepared over tortillas by spreading stir fried chicken chunks, vegetables & salads, stuffing are tossed with ketchup and sauces and are made into one single roll so that you get mixed flavor of chicken, vegetables, and sauces in every single bite. You may ask for mutton rolls at some of the stations famous for the rolls, especially Lucknow, Mumbai & Kolkata’s Kathi Rolls. Sounds yummy, Isn’t it!!

Chicken Roll

  1. Chicken Manchurian: If you love eating chicken cubes dipped in juicy sauce, then ordering Chicken Manchurian would be awesome. It is prepared by coating chicken cubes with crumbled eggs & corn flour, it is then deep-fried and later dipped in saucy gravy prepared by mixing different sauces and capsicums to give what we call Chinese food’s flavor.

chicken manchurian

  1. Non Veg Noodles: Prepared by tossing semi cooked spaghetti with fried chicken chunks, vegetables & sauces over high rising flames to induce smoky flavors, it is a sumptuous, largely accepted recipe and would not be wrong if we say it as one of the royal street foods savored by everyone with delight.



  1. Non-Veg Soup: Considered as highly nutritious and recommended to everyone to remain healthy, it is also a wonderful alternative to tea & coffee. Prepared by giving sauté to a smooth textured stalk of chicken and vegetables with butter, black pepper, and salt and then by garnishing with minced coriander leaves & cream to taste like creamy and juicy in mouth.

non-veg soup

  1. Chicken Burgers: The name in itself sounds appetizing. Who does not carve for eating Chicken Burger to get that awesome taste of butter smelling fresh patties with flavors of Chicken cutlet, fresh salads, ketchup and cheese on top? And when all combined served hot with Cold Drinks would simply make anyone’s day.

chicken burgers

  1. Non-Veg Pizza: Pizza mania is trending since long. Especially because family, friends, food & emotions have been attached together with Pizza to drive sales by companies. And it’s not wrong as the triangular pie of pizza loaded with chicken nuggets, mushroom, baby corn, olives, cottage cheese, tomatoes, sausages and extra cheese tastes heavenly when savored with friend, kids and family members and that too with long glasses filled with cold drinks. Thinking itself feels like wish we could grab its pie right away..Isn’t it!

Non Veg Pizza

  1. Mughlai Paratha: Being the king of all Parathas, it is royal as you the get flavor of minced chicken in every bite and is commonly accepted as crispy parathas are filled with a stuffing of lightly spiced mined chicken and eggs and served hot after cutting into pieces. Must try a recipe for every age.

muglai paratha

  1. Non-Veg Dum Biryani: The soulful and trending meals of current times is heading the top list if you wanna hold some party and feed something pleasing to yourself and others. Prepared by adding Dum method to parboiled rice layered with yogurt marinated chicken pieces, freshly minced coriander, eggs, boiled potatoes, and mint leaves and kept at low flames in closely dough sealed top for 30-40 minutes so that all flavors get mixed with aromatic basmati rice. Please refers to our previous blog Why Biryani is the 2nd Most Ordered Food on Train? If you love eating biryani and wanna explore different mouth watering recipes of Biryani to delight yourself.

Non Veg Dum Biryani

  1. Gravy Masala: (Chicken/Mutton/ Keema ): Commonly accepted and largely cooked, it is hot spicy gravy based recipe where the pieces of yogurt marinated Chicken are tossed with hot spices like bayleaf, cinnamon, cardamom & cloves and cooked adding coriander & cumin powder to give thick texture to the gravy. If you love eating Mutton you may ask for Mutton gravy Masala and all keema lovers can try keema (minced lamb) gravy masala prepared in similar gravy for enriching their soul. Best taste when savored with Rumali Roti/Butter Naan/Tawa Roti or Fried rice. Yum!


To try all the above Non-Veg recipes of your choice while you travel on the train, try this time ordering online from RailRecipe, downloading its Food App (from here), or visiting the website or calling Customer Care Representatives at Toll-Free Number at 8448440386.

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