Covid 19 Vaccination Drive & Co-Win App

The world’s significant Inoculation drive “Covid 19 Vaccination Drive” has started on 16th January 2021 under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi across India. The current vaccination drive aims to inflict three hundred crore corona health care workers in the first phase. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has not only just made preparation for inflicting vaccine doses but have also made proper monitoring mechanism through Aadhaar card, Co-Win (Covid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) software, and running a dedicated 24X7 helpline number, “1075” to address every query related to vaccine rollout & the soon to be launch Co-Win software.

As per its method, each beneficiary would receive two doses among any following vaccine: Covaxin or Covishield at the interval of 28 days to complete his vaccination process. It has also been advised to take paracetamol in case any beneficiary develops symptoms such as fever, swollen skin at the injected area, cough, sneezing, and body ache after taking the Covid 19 vaccine for quick relief while the induced vaccine is boosting the body’s immunity to fight against novel Coronavirus for a lifetime. However, safety norms such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance have been made compulsory to comply with for each vaccine beneficiary.

Let us know all about the two vaccines being currently injected as Covid 19 Vaccine and about Co-Win Software:-

1. Covishield: Developed by Oxford University in collaboration with British Swedish Pharma Giant Company named AstraZeneca, its an Indian manufacturing partner -Serum Institute of India, Pune is developing Covishield to cater to Indians. The newly launched Covishield vaccine is a vector vaccine that is considered slower yet cheaper and can be kept stable at standard refrigerator temperature for six months. The vaccine is believed to be 90-95% effective and would be required to induce in two doses at the interval of two to three months. To Believe Scientists! Covishield is one of the effective as well as promising vaccines for India.

2.Covaxin: Being a made in India Vaccine, Covaxin has been developed by Indian biotechnology company Bharat Biotech in association with clinical research body Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) . Developed using one of the oldest and time taking methods of growing a bunch of coronaviruses and then killing it with chemical or heat to make it in a vaccine, this vaccine to needs to be given in two doses and each beneficiary would receive a consent form before inflicting the vaccine into their body; to be duly filled for assurance claiming to receive compensation in case of any ill effect is Reported & examined in Covaxin induced beneficiary. The beneficiary would also receive a factsheet and an adverse effect reporting form to note their symptoms within the first seven days.

3.Co-Win Apps (Covid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) software: Developed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the app has been developed to aid the ministry to monitor vaccination drive and track all beneficiaries of the vaccine on a real-time basis. The App has five different modules namely administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgment module, and report module which facilitates the real-time information of vaccine stocks, the storage temperature of Covid vaccine, individual status of the beneficiary, helpline number to address queries. With everyday ongoing vaccination, the Ministry would receive a digital certificate which will help them track the doses and list of beneficiaries completing the two-dose process. The App will soon be available at Google Playstore & App store to citizens. However, the Ministry has also informed citizens to beware of downloading fake Co-Win Apps or receiving any fake scam calls from callers asking for an Aadhaar card or bank account numbers to register citizens on Co-Win App.

Hence this largest vaccination drive seems to applaud able with every detail seems properly thought upon to make it a grand success by the ruling government.

Thank you Covid-19 Vaccination Team for your significant contribution!

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Covid 19 Vaccination Drive & Co-Win App – All You Need To Know

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