6 Indian Railway Virtual Tours Not to Be Missed By Every Indian

Safety is the new fashion amidst the pandemic across the world. With travellers refraining from any travel plans due to hygiene and safety concerns, people are spending more time over the web. Earlier in our posts we had discussed on changing search behaviour in terms of searched due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, some of the most sought virtual tours across world which one can enjoy while lying on their couch. This time, we are going to discuss on virtual tour options related to Indian railways which every train traveler and Indian citizen shouldn’t miss.

Planning to go full steam ahead into the world of the railways?? You can do it  with your Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer and see Mumbai’s beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus from exciting new angles; discover surprising facts about the history of transportation in India; and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the luxurious train carriages of the royals. To get the Cardboard experience, make sure to download the Google Arts & Culture app and launch the virtual tours from anywhere you are rightaway.

Here’re 7 virtual tour of Indian Railways, one ought not to miss during this lockdown season:

  • Exploring The Dome Virtually at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT): CSMT is no doubt one of the attractions due to it’s architectural beauty and aesthetics. If you want to take a virtual tour of inside the CSMT terminal building and discover the intricate details you might have missed: look up and discover the story behind its majestic central dome, and find out why there’s more to the ornately carved jaali windows than meets the eye. Take a virtual tour of CSMT Dome here


  • The Front Facade at CSMT: view up close to the unique architectural style of the CSMT’s exterior facade, learn some more about the history of its design and construction, and find out about the significance of all its statues, sculptures, and ornamentation. The facade has some really nice architectural built up which is missed often by everyone. Take a virtual tour here


  • Virtual Tour of The Star Chamber at CSMT: Perhaps the best booking offices for Railways. You can experience a new perspective of the CSMT’s famous star chamber – a booking office with a difference. Zoom in to the elaborate ceiling, and discover the incredible way the gigantic sandstone columns were made. Take a virtual tour of the star chamber here.

Star Chamber at CSMT-Railrecipe

  • The Royal Jodphur Saloon: Always wondering about the luxuries inside “Palace on Wheels”?? You can take a peek into this luxury details virtually. Explore how Maharajas, princes and queens travel in style with this virtual tour of a luxurious “Palace on Wheels” train carriage. Explore the impressive interiors and sumptuous details. Have a virtual tour with Google cardboard of royal Jodhpur saloon here.


  • The Calcutta Tram: Do you wish to take a ride through India’s transport heritage with this virtual tour of a 1940s tram. See the tram brought back to life, learn more about how they were operated, how they shaped Kolkata and other Indian cities, and what the horses that initially pulled them had to wear to cope with the heat! Take the tour, here.

Kolkata Tram Virtual Tour

  • Virtual tour of Steam Engines at the Heritage Transport Museum: Explore a few of the Steam Engines at the heritage transport museum and learn a little about their history, their specs, and what they can do. Take the tour, here.

steam engine at museum virtual tour

Hope u loved these virtual tours and enjoyed the trip al around. In case you have completely quarantined yourself and wanna spend time binge watching on some epic travel movies, we have a curated list for travel souls. Stay updated with every happening by subscribing to Railrecipe blog updates.

6 Indian Railway Virtual Tours Not to Be Missed By Every Indian

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