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    Get Delicious Food on Train at Vijayawada Station

    Vijayawada is a city of southeast India located on the bank of the Krishna River. The city has an A-1 model station in the Vijayawada railway division. The hills of eastern ghats surround the city. The city has the 4th busiest railway station after New Delhi Railway station, Howrah junction, and Kanpur central. The city Vijayawada is popularly famous as the educational and commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh.

    Mouth-Watering Food Options Available in Vijayawada

     What's better than investing in good food? The south Indian cuisine at Vijayawada railway station offers you some delicious vegetarian food options. However, the city also offers some unique fish food items. You must explore the local food while traveling by train. So what's stopping you? Order the food you want and grab a bite quickly. 

    The traditional dishes you will get at Vijayawada Station are made with a different blend of spices and served hot, just like everyone loves to eat. Some of the famous delicacies of Vijaywada includes the following name:  

    • Tamarind rice: It is commonly known asPulihara in south India. It is one of the most liked dishes of Vijaywada. It includes hot rice served with tamarind for a tangy taste. The garnishing of fried onion adds flavor to it.
    • Dum Biryani: Either it is chicken dum biryani or mutton dum biryani these dishes are prevalent in every street and nooks of Vijaywada
    • Idli Sambhar: Idli sambhar is one of the healthy and satisfying foods that originate from south India. If you love eating spicy food, ask for podi from sellers to have a fiery kick that adds more taste to food.
    • Avakkai Pickle: Pickel made of raw mangoes.

    Andhra Pradesh is the 3rd largest producer of Rice, and Vijaywada, part of southeast India, adding rice to the essential food list. Local people enjoy eating rice at least once a day here. Anyone availing Indian Railway service to visit south India can order food on train at Vijayawada station. You can go for the options you are looking for, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

    Non-Veg Delicacies Available at Vijayawada Station

    If you already assume that you will get only vegetarian food options here, let us clear the cloud. You can get varieties of non-veg food on train options here, such as Dum-Biryani, Spicy mutton curry, and more. Moreover, you can get the best seafood and prawn dishes here as coastal areas surround the region. The non-vegetarian dishes are simmered so that taste can relish. We suggest you to for grilled meat or fish options while ordering food on train.

    How to Reach Vijayawada?

    You can travel to Vijayawada according to your convenience as the city has well-lined up roads, railways, and airport facilities. Still, the most convenient way opted by the passenger to visit Vijayawada is Indian Railways. Below are the details for reaching Vijaywada using different means:

    Airport:  The nearest airport is Vijayawada Airport, located 18 km away. 

    Railways: Vijayawada Railway junction is one of the busiest Junctions of India. It is a connectivity hub for South India’s railway network and provides connectivity to most of the cities and towns of India. The Vijayawada junction is situated at the Howrah-Chennaimainline and Delhi–Chennai line. One can order food by train in all the locations.

    Roadways: If you are commuting to Vijayawada via roadways, you will find many national highways that connect it from different parts of the country. You can also opt for other buses like private, deluxe, and Volvo. 

    Popular Trains Passing Vijayawada

    • Order Food in Charminar Express (02759)
    • Order Food in Konark Express (01020)
    • Order Food in Chennai Express (02163)
    • Order Food in East Cost Express (08646)
    • Order Food in Kharagpur Express (22604)
    • Order Food in Puri Gareeb Rath Express (22884)
    • Order Food in Bhubaneshwar Express (02846)
    • Order Food in Coromandel Express (02842)
    • Order Food in Tamilnadu Express (02622)

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Vijaywada Station

    1. Food Factory- Minimum Order Value INR100
    2. Vani Vela-Minimum Order Value INR 69
    3. Harika Restaurant-Minimum Order Value INR 100
    4. Abhiruchi Hotel-Minimum Order Value INR 100
    5. Vinayaka Hotel-Minimum Order Value INR 99

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Vijaywada 

    Kanaka Durga Temple:

     It is one of the most famous temples situated in Indrakeeladri hills. Devotees come here every year during Durga Puja. The temple is on the bank of the Krishna river, which makes the whole view more beautiful.

     Prakashan Barrage:

    The lake can give you a fantastic view of the whole city that captivates anyone. The lake is in the Krishna river and connects the river to the Guntur district.

    Undavali caves:

    Undavali caves have a rich history, and it is believed to have been craving during the 7th century. The caves were earlier used by Buddhist monks where they take rest.

    Rajiv Gandhi Park: 

    If you love nature and landscape design, then this place is best for you. The horticultural view and placement of this park are amazing. It is one of the initiatives by the state government to encourage more tourist visits to this city.

    Now you don't need to starve while traveling via train at Vijayawada Railway station. Order online food from RailRecipe at Vijayawada Railway station. You don't need to crave food while traveling by train and passing by Vijayawada station. We serve you hot & delicious food at your train seat. Place your order from our website and application or simply call us at 844-844-0386 



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