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    Get Delicious Food on Train at Patna Railway Station

    Patna railway station is the primary railway station in the city. This station is essential not only for Patna but for the entire Bihar. This railway station is connected to most parts of the country using hundreds of trains. People from all parts of Bihar travel to Patna railway station junction to catch trains to various southern and northeastern areas of Bihar. The station is one of the oldest railway stations in Bihar and is rich in history. It is easily accessible from all parts of Patna. The station is centrally located in the city, and two major railway bus stops are located near the Patna Junction railway station. The station buildings are large and well maintained.

    The railway station at Patna Junction has many facilities. It is India's busiest railway station due to the high frequency of passengers and trains passing through it. Patna Junction railway station is located under the east-central railway and falls under the Danapur Division of Indian railways.The railway station serves passengers from all parts of Bihar.

    Patna railway station serves all including passengers, tourists, and localities. Although other stations serve the city, the railway station at Patna is unique. The railway station in Patna serves Patna via more than five routes and railway lines. That is why the railway station in Patna connects with other regions of India and provides services for passengers throughout the country.

    Patna Railway Station serves the Howrah–Delhi, and Asansol–Patna mainline. Patna's railway station serves Patna-Mughal Sarai, Patna- Gaya, and Patna– Sonepore- Hajipur sections. It allows for almost complete connectivity between all parts of Bihar with these short and long-distance railway lines.

    The station has many amenities. The station also has a PRS office, Railway police officers, ticket windows, and other essential services such as water and sanitation. The station has waiting rooms, retirement rooms, waiting halls, and parking facilities. Station premises have all the necessary facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. An electronic kiosk functions at the station to provide information about trains and their current status. There are dormitories at Patna station that can accommodate single or double occupancy.

    Patna railway station has a total of 10 platforms and 15 electrified tracks. This station hosts 65 trains, and 66 trains end at the station. The station connects several cities in India with 130 trains. The station links Patna to different parts of India via the railway transport system. Trains arrive from India, including Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Kanyakumari, and Dibrugarh.

    Mouth-Watering Food Options Available in Patna Railway Station

    Kadhi Badi  

    Kadhi Badi is the all-time favorite food on train from Bihar, and its flavor comes out unique that you can’t resist eating it. Badi and Kadhi are both cooked with gram flour.e, Besan only. Yogurt is added to the gravy to give it a little tangy flavor. Moreover, some people also add tamarind too. Bihari local people prepare this dish in many festivals that include Holi, Chauth Puja, and more.

    Sattu- Drink  

    You can call sattu a superfood or staple food that you can find in every household. Forget all the energy drinks and beverages and enjoy the affordable sattu sharbat. It gives you instant energy and keeps you hydrated, especially during the summer. It is a power-packed refreshing drink that is made with the powder of Roasted Bengal gram.

    Litti Chokha  

    In the first place, Litti Chokha doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to Bihari Local Cuisine. You can give yourself a grand welcome in the state by ordering the lip-smacking litti chokha on the train. 

    Non Veg Delicacies Available at Patna Railway station

    Mutton Kebabs

    Bihar is famous for its non-vegetarian dishes too, and you must have heard about Champaran Mutton. Moreover, you can find mouth-watering mutton kebabs too in Bihar that melt in your mouth

    Chicken Korma  

    Chicken Korma dishes come to India during Mughal rule. The special ingredients used in Bihar include Mustard oil and a blend of many grounded spices to give it a fantastic taste.

    How to Reach Patna?

    By Air

    You can fly to Patna from anywhere in the world. You can also use prepaid auto-rickshaws or private taxis to get around your required destination. The airport is home to major international and domestic airlines.

    By Road

    Patna is located on NH30, has easy access to all major cities. You can easily get here by bus, rented cab or taxi.

    By Railways

    The rail network is another way to reach Patna. It is one of the busiest. The city is connected to other parts of India via Patna Junction Railway Station. A variety of trains run at regular intervals between the station and the rest of the country.

    Popular Trains Passing Patna Railway Station

    • Order Food in PRATHAM S S EXP-11105

    • Order Food in POORVA EXPRESS-12303

    • Order Food in KOLKATA RAJDHANI-12306

    • Order Food in RJPB RAJDHANI-12309

    • Order Food in ANNANYA EXPRES-12315

    • Order Food in AKAL TAKHT EXP-12317.


    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Patna Railway Station

    1. Chilli Food Point- Minimum Order Value INR 100

    2. Filha Do Pai- Minimum Order Value INR 99


    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore Nearby Patna Railway Station

    1. Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji

    2. Hanuman Mandir

    3. Bihar Museum

    4. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

    5. Buddha Smriti Park

    6. Patna Museum

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