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    Fresh & Delicious Food Delivery in Train at Nagpur Station:

    Nagpur is one of the major cities of Maharastra, famous for its fruit production and delicious cuisine. They provide you varieties of food to choose from and sometimes you might also find yourself in a dilemma due to such extensive choices. The local food served in Nagpur has a perfect blend of spices and is rich in essence. Many species like bay leaves, coriander seeds, cloves, curry leaves, and more are used to make delicious gravies. The city is also famous for its promising number of tiger reserves and is often referred to as the Tiger capital of India. The city has rich culture and history to explore!

    Nagpur is located at the center of India and is Divisional Head Quarters for the Southeast central railways and central railways zone. Being the headquarters of two different zones of India Railways is a matter of pride for Nagpur. A total of 160 trains crosses through Nagpur Railway station.

    RailRecipe provides the facility of online food delivery at Nagpur Railway Station with some impressive and skilled vendors. We always keep customer satisfaction as our priority and serve delicious foods on train, meeting all standards. You need to place your order a minimum of 60 minutes before you reach Nagpur railway station.

    Now you can get your food order delivered to your train seats. We provide you with the option to customize your menu and get the food you are craving during your journey. All you need to visit our website and place your order by providing details such as train num, coach, and PNR number. We offer you food in Nagpur from elite class restaurants such as Yogini, Just delicious Multi-cuisine Restaurants, etc.

    Some Important Features of the RailRecipe App

    1. You can place your order according to your choice
    2. Order online food on train at Nagpur Railway Station via RailRecipe App.
    3. You can place an order at least 60 minutes before reaching the Nagpur Railway Station to get your food order on time


    Popular Dishes Available at Nagpur Railway Station

    • Poha: Pohe is rice prepared from puffed or flattened rice. It is one of the popular snacks in Maharastra. It is served along with tea during breakfast. You can find varieties of pohe such as Kanda pohe, batata pohe, and more. The final garnishing of this dish is done by coriander and grated coconut.


    • Spicy Chicken: Spicy chicken is another dish of Maharastra. In this dish, boneless chicken is steamed and afterward marinated with a mixture of species. Now the chicken is deep-fried after marination and served hot to hard-core non-veg lovers. After marinating, the chicken is deep-fried and served hot. The dish might bring tears out of your eyes. Moreover, the flavors of the spices will force you to try this dish more.


    • Sabudana Khichdi: The sabudana khichdi is a very light disease and is famous in the Maharastra region. The dish is made of sago palm latex and is consumed by locals as breakfast.


    • Pitla Bhakhri: It is one of the famous dishes from the local cuisine of Nagpur. It is made with Bengal gram powder. Pitla is a paste that is served with powdered Bengal gram. It is served with bread made up of Jowar and bajra flour and is commonly known as bhakri.

    If you want to explore the local cuisine of Maharastra, then RailRecipe can provide you the food delivery service on the train. It makes the process of food ordering hassle-free and convenient for passengers availing Indian Railway service.

    How to Reach Nagpur?

    1. By Air: There are regular flights from other major cities of the country to Nagpur.Airport
    2. By Train: Nagpur is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains. Railway Station
    3. By Road: Two national highways, namely Bombay Calcutta NH-6 and Kanyakumari Varanasi NH-7, pass through the city. It is well connected by road with major cities and villages in and out of the state of Maharashtra.

    Popular Trains Passing Nagpur Stations

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    • Order Food in Raptisagar Express (02512)
    • Order Food in Train in Korea Express (22648)
    • Order Food in Train in Tamilnadu Express (02622)
    • Order Food in Patliputra Express (22352)
    • Order Food in Train in Gitanjali Express (02859)
    • Order Food in Train in Duronto Express (02269)

    You don’t need to crave food while traveling by train and passing by Nagpur station. Order food online at Nagpur station and get it delivered on the seat by RailRecipe. Call us directly on 844-844-0386 to know more.


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