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    Get Delicious Food on Train at Jalgaon Junction Railway Station

    Jalgaon railway station resides in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. It is one of the vital transportation points, and you can find many regular trains connecting Jalgaon to Mumbai. Many trains from different parts of India halt at Jalgaon Junction railway station and you can easily order food on train here from RailRecipe.

    The Jalgaon junction railway station is connecting line between Mumbai- Howrah mainlines, and many long-distance trains pass from this route. It is operated under the Bhusaval railway division of central railways.

    Veg & Non-Veg Food Options Available in Jalgaon Junction Railway Station

    Order Food on train from the premium class restaurant and enjoy it while traveling. You might find it imaginary, but RailRecipe is making your dream true. Moreover, in earlier days, we had only limited options like food on train from stalls nearby and pantry foods.Here we are listing some amazing food options available at Jalgaon junction railway station:

    Vaangi Bharit

    It is one of the popular regional dishes of Jalgaon. You can have it with Rotis, and it gives the best taste when accompanied with Bhakri or Zunka. The ingredients used for making Vaangi Bharit includes onion, green chilies, oil, coriander, and more. Mashed eggplant with other ingredients is added to it before serving.

    Khandeshi Khichdi

    Khichdi is a highly nutritious dish that anyone can digest quickly. It is one of the convenient food options if you are looking for something satisfying and healthy. Khichdi is made of rice, tomatoes, lentils, and spices. Add a pinch of ghee to add more taste to the dish.

    Tomato Bhaji

    Tomato Bhaji is the easiest quick-grab food snack option on train. You can enjoy it with bread, rice, and chapatis. You can have it in the morning or evening when searching for snacks or order at lunch to add taste and flavor to your meal.

    Eggplant Bhaji

     It is a special dish that you can find at every wedding in this region. The ingredients include eggplant cubes, garlic, green chilies, and oil. You can have it with fried rice. It is one of the best dinner options anyone can go for.


    What else do you need other than a sweet dish to complete your meal? Imarti is a sweet dish and coiled in shape. They are deep-fried and then dipped in sugar syrup to taste sweet. 


    Chakli is one of the quick snack options available in Maharashtra. The dish is made up of varieties of mixed flour, and seasoned nuts add more flavor to its taste.


    Buttermilk is one of the most refreshing drinks consumed by people across India. However, in Jalgaon, some special ingredients like turmeric, coconut, garlic, ginger, and more are added to it.

    How to Reach Jalgaon?


    Jalgaon doesn’t have any airport, Aurangabad domestic airport 160 KM is nearest.


    Jalgaon junction railway station are well connected to major cities of India. You can easily find regular train, weekly trains passing from here. If you want to enjoy food on train then order from Dev Heights an premium quality restaurant partner of RailRecipe.


    Jalgaon has a well lineup of roadways connecting the city to different parts of the country. You can easily travel from one place to another. However, you can easily find a bus here regularly to travel nearby cities like Mumbai and more.

    Popular Trains Passing Jalgaon Junction Railway Station

    1. Order food on train at Puri St weekly Express (12743)
    2. Order food on train at Bareilly Express (14313)
    3. Order food on train at Bikaner Express (06013)
    4. Order food on train at Darbhanga Express (11065)
    5. Order food on train at Mumbai mail Express (21028)
    6. Order food on train at GKP Ltt Special (05031)
    7. Order food on train at surat puri express (12744)

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Jalgaon Junction Railway Station

    1. Dev Heights- Minimum order value INR 150

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Jalgaon Junction Railway Station


    1. Parola Fort
    2. Hathur Dam
    3. Mehrun Park
    4. Omkareshwar Mandir
    5. Gandhi Research Foundation
    6. Bahinabai Park
    7. Padmalaya
    8. Shree Sant Muktabai Temple

    Now you don't need to starve while traveling via train at Jalgaon Junction Railway station. Order online food from RailRecipe at Jalgaon Junction Railway station. We serve you hot & delicious food at your train seat. Place your order from our website and application or simply call us at on 844-844-0386.


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