Chart Preparation Time All You Need to Know About Indian Railways

What comes to your mind when you think of Train Chart Preparation time and a peculiar Indian Railway station? Every Railway station in India gives a nostalgic picture of people roaming around the platform, eating snacks or waiting for the train with luggage, some local vendors selling their stuff, and a bunch of T.T.E.’s carrying the chart and other essential papers.

You can easily locate them, as they are surrounded by passengers asking sir Mera seat Kaun sa hai? Sir Ticket confirm hui kya meri? Sir, are there any vacant sears available and more. We often heard T.T.E.’s saying, go and check the chart and you will get all the information. However, some anxious passengers about their train ticket confirmation give a pissed-off look to T.T.E.

According to the PNR number, passengers whose tickets are on the waiting list are continuously seen checking their status. Once the train arrives, they rush towards the chart stick to the door of the selected train. You will afterward observe the happy and sad faces, according to their seat status.

However, most of us never know how the chart gets prepared by Indian Railway? What is the chart preparation time? What factors are taken into consideration while preparing charts from Indian railways? However, if your ticket status is confirmed or in R.A.C, you can easily book your food in train at your desired station It helps you to avoid unhealthy food consumption from the train pantry. Order from RailRecipe and enjoy the delicious food to make your journey memory more beautiful!

Get into Details of Train Chart Preparation Time

If you are a curious soul and looking for the answer about train chart preparation time. In that case, you are going the find the information in the next section insightful. Let’s find the solution to the question related to the train chart and its preparation time.

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What is Train Chart?


Train chart refers to a database of all the passengers who are about to travel in particular train for their desired destination. A train chart consist of the following information:

  1. Passenger’s name
  2. Name, Gender, and Age
  3. Coach Number
  4. Confirmed berth Number
  5. Train Number

You can easily find the chart on the doorway from where passengers make their entry. You can also find it on the platforms board easily.

Why do we often get the message that the chart is not prepared yet?

Every railway passenger gets their unique PNR number, and you can get all the journey details correctly once you input your PNR number in the required box. However, we might message that the chart is not prepared yet after entering the PNR number. It implies that the final chart considering all the factors, isn’t ready yet.

The final chart consists of all the list of passengers and finalizes chart preparation time is before 4 hours of train departure. Once the chart is prepared, the passenger get their allotted coach and berth number. The message is displayed only to the passengers whose tickets are on the waiting list. 

Is it Possible to Travel with Waiting List Ticket Once Chart Get Prepared?

Undoubtedly! No. One can’t travel with a waiting list ticket. If your train ticket status is still on the waiting list after final chart preparation, then according to the law, you are not eligible to avail of the Indian railway service. It is advisable to cancel your ticket afterward in case of an online ticket, and it will get canceled automatically. You must not board the train; otherwise, you will charge a heavy penalty charge in such cases.

What is Final Train Chart Preparation Time?

As mentioned above, generally, the train chart preparation time is precisely 4 hours before the train departure. The final chart contains your information like name, age, gender, allotted berth, coach, and more.

Final Chart Preparation Time for Midnight Train

Trains scheduled to run their final chart at midnight are prepared at 8 PM of the previous evening.

Final Chart Preparation Time for Morning Train

Plenty of trains are scheduled between 12:00 AM-11:00 AM. For these trains, the final chart is prepared at 8:00 PM. IRCTC, with its new feature that shows PNR confirmation probability, makes estimation easy for railway passengers. It makes the process of planning a journey more convenient.

Final Chart Preparation Time for Evening Train

In the evening trains, the rules remain the same as the charts get prepared 3-4 hours before train departure.

Is the Final Chart Preparation Time by Indian Railways is Four Hours Before?

Yes! Indian railways prepare the final chart considering all the factors and requirements 4 hours before the scheduled time. The confirmation probability and final preparation take time because of tatkal seats, quota seat adjustments, RAC, and more. 

If your boarding station is far away from the origin point of the train, the chart gets to be prepared one day before the journey date. It is advisable to focus on the date of origin and boarding station while checking the chart preparation status through the PNR number. IRCTC is working continuously to make the journey via India railways much easier for everyone.


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Train Chart Preparation Time: All You Need to Know

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