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Jhansi Junction railway station resides in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Jhansi Junction railway station (JHS) arrives under the Jhansi North Central NCR Railway zone of Indian Railways. Order food in train at Jhansi railway station from RailRecipe. It is one of the busiest railway stations of North Central India and shuttles more than 285 trains daily. There are disparate reasons why this amazing city is known as a heritage city. Jhansi Junction railway station is amongst the top hundred booking railway stations of Indian Railways. It is the main railway line from Chennai railway station to New Delhi (NDLS) railway station.

The total number of Halting trains is 285 at Jhansi Junction railway station (JHS). The Jhansi Junction has 8 platforms. The main lines of this junction are the Kanpur-Nagpur, Kanpur-Bengaluru, New Delhi- Chennai, New Delhi- Mumbai Delhi-Bengaluru, Guwahati–Mumbai, and Howrah-Bengaluru lines. Jhansi Junction is the center place for public and commercial transportation in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) by connecting Indian Railways. Jhansi Junction has a double electric line train route, also New Delhi- Chennai main line. 285 local/Superfast passengers trains cross daily from Jhansi Junction and 19 trains originating from Jhansi Junction Railway Station(JHS).

Jhansi Junction Railway Station (JHS) Train List

  • 01841 – Gita Jayanti Covid-19 Special
  • 02805 – Andhra Pradesh Covid-19 Special
  • 02691 – KSR Bengaluru – Hazrat Nizamuddin Covid-19 Special
  • 02621 – Tamil Nadu Covid-19 Special
  • 02723 – Telangana SF Covid-19 Special
  • 02448 – Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti Covid-19 Special
  • 02626 – Kerala Covid-19 Special
  • 02127 – Madhya Pradesh Sampark Kranti Covid-19 Special
  • 02883 – Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti Covid-19 Special
  • 06528 – Karnataka (K.K) SF Covid-19 Special
  • 02722 – Dakshin SF Covid-19 Special
  • 02617 – Mangala Lakshadweep SF Covid-19 Special
  • 02196 – Mahakoshal SF Covid-19 Special

Jhansi is a historic city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is in the Bundelkhand region in the Uttar Pradesh state in India. In addition to a variety of Awadhi cuisine, Jhansi is primarily known for its Dahi Vada and Aloo-Tikki veg cutlet types. The distant taste of the Jhansi, the rustic feel of the meals, and the typical character drive the North Indian food. The authentic traditional North Indian food is not just about Kebabs, shahi paneer, and Malaiyo, as most of us recognize.

The culinary glory of Awadhi cuisine is beyond the bromidic representation. Much like the geographical diversity of the land, the authentic Awadhi meals are extensive and have their alliance in the edible world. Jhansi also has excellent Awadhi sweet dishes to offer, the most popular ones being Peda and Bundeli Sweets. Delicious kebabs and mutton dishes will leave you hungering for more.

Few Exciting Places To Visit in Jhansi

  1. Jhansi Fort
  2. Jhansi Museum
  3. Parichha Dam
  4. Rani Mahal
  5. Barua Sagar Fort

7 Famous Restaurants Options to Order Food in Train at Jhansi Railway Station

Food delivery when you order food in train at railway stationJhansi includes local Awadhi delicacies and a wide variety of north Indian meals from a famous local food vendors at Jhansi railway station from FSSAI approved food outlets such as:

  • Tulsi Carter’s
  • Zaika Foods
  • Tasty Restaurant
  • Janak’s Restaurant
  • Shri Jii OnlineFood
  • Vrindavan Restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Order Food Online in Trains At Jhansi Railway Station?

A: One can easily order online food in the train at jhansi railway station with 5 easy steps :

1. Feed in Your PNR/Train Number: One can enter their 10 digit PNR or Train Number. This helps us to fetch your train route and other journey details.

2. Select Station: Select station from the station list where you would like to have your lunch or dinner.

3. Customize Your Menu: Add your favourite food to the cart and place your food order.

4. Proceed to Checkout: You can pay online or opt for COD (Cash on Delivery).

5. Enjoy Your Food: Get your meal delivered at your berth. Enjoy your train food at your seat!


RailRecipe will provide you with quality food delivery at Jhansi Junction Railway station from the famous restaurant or food vendor in Jhansi. You can call us on 8448440386 before an hour you will reach the railway station to order food in train at Jhansi railway station. Our delivery executive will deliver the food to your train berth.

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We are here to serve happiness and make your train journey stirring and exciting. Order your healthy & fresh food in train with RailRecipe right now!!


Order Food In Train At Jhansi Railway Station

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