Indian Railway (IRCTC) New Service: Now, on Cancellation of a Train Ticket, a Refund will Receive Immediately

“No more waiting to get the refund amount on train ticket cancellation”

The online train ticket cancellation ratio is huge, and it takes too long to receive a refund. To tensed free the Indian citizen, IRCTC started a new special service.

Ticket booking from an official IRCTC website is about 83 percent, but at the same time, the cancellation of internet tickets is high. Refunding the cancellation amount to the person who canceled their ticket gets too late. Many individuals feel that their money may get lost and start getting tense. To solve this issue, IRCTC has started a special service.

Indian Railway (IRCTC) New Services on train ticket cancellation

Through the new service, if a passenger cancels their booked train ticket on the IRCTC website, the refund will be credited to his account immediately. But for immediate credit of refund in your bank account, you need to download IRCTC-ipay payment gateway from Andriod & iOS play store. IRCTC’s ipay App is created to reduce the time taken to book tickets, and on cancellation of a ticket, the passenger gets their ticket cancellation refund as soon as possible.

How to Avail Special Features of IRCTC’s ipay App

● Download IRCTC ipay App and open it.
● Enter your IRCTC ID and Password.
● Next, enter the journey’s date and destination.
● Appear list of all the trains on that route
● When paying for a railway ticket, you select the ‘IRCTC iPay’ option.
● After this, pick the Pay and Book option.
● Make payment by credit card, debit card, or UPI.
● Your train ticket for your journey is instantly booked.
● Confirmation message with ticket details you received in your mail and SMS
The unique feature is that if you book the ticket again in the future, you will not have to fill out the payment details again; instead, you will be able to book the ticket immediately by clicking on the pay button.

Money is refunded immediately when a waiting list ticket is canceled.

Many times, you will receive the ticket, but it will remain on the waiting list. When the final chart is ready, your waiting list ticket is automatically canceled, and your refund is processed through IRCTC ipay immediately.

Indian Railway (IRCTC) New Service: Now, on Cancellation of a Train Ticket, a Refund will Receive Immediately

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