Top 10 Travel Destinations In India

India is a great country where people like to go to visit. No doubt to say that India is great in the view of tours and travels. This world has many people who have a desire to visit India and they want to travel to India because they know about Indian culture and India’s great destination for traveling,. If you have summer vacations and you want to go traveling in India so you should know about more viewable places.

India has many viewpoints and places where you can enjoy your summer vacation and also you can get complete entertainment in their places. If you want to know more about the best visiting places of India so you have a great travel destination where you can travel safely and with great fun.

Here is a list of Top 10 Travel Destinations in India


In Agra, you will see the seventh wonder of the world. Agra’s Taj Mahal one of the most popular mosques in the world is known as the seventh wonder of the world. This mosque made by Shah Jahan in memory of Mumtaz. She was the wife of Shah Jahan. In Agra, you will get many markets that are good for traveling and shopping. There you will get famous sweets.


It is also one of the best and famous places in India for traveling. If you want to enjoy the great summer season in Udaipur so you can enjoy it easily in pink city. Udaipur called the pink city which looks like so great city. You can enjoy yourself there with your family. There have many great places to visit and famous buildings in Udaipur.


It is one of the best places for tourists. It is famous for pristine beaches and coastal areas. 90% tourist goes to Goa due to beautiful beaches and coastal areas. People always like to go to Goa but it has the main two seasons to go Goa. If you want to visit Goa so you should go to Goa during the summer vacations or in the winter season. In the summer season, most of the tourists from across India come to spend their summer vacations and holidays. Goa is the best place for honeymooners also.


It is heaven on earth. It is the most beautiful place in the world. Jammu and Kashmir have three regions that are popular in the world. These three regions are “The Lesser Himalayas” or “The Jhelum Valley”, “The outer Himalayas” or “The southern mountain rang” and “The Inner Himalayas” or “The Indus Valley”.


The Kanyakumari has many tourist places where tourists can enjoy so much and can make memorable moments of India tour. Kanyakumari has good viewpoints in town and district, which is good to view.


Kerala is famous in the world due to ten paradises of the world. There has a great view of beautiful backwater and alternative healing massages. Kerala is low budget-friendly tourism place.

Old Delhi:

It is the capital of India and it is the most famous in the world due to Qutub Minar and red fort. In the Delhi you will get a great view of lots of mosques, monument those presents the history of India.

old delhi

Ajanta Ellora:

It shows the history of India. It is the most popular and religious place in India. It is most popular due to the great art of sculptures and painting.


It is the gift of god for India where you can see the beauty of nature. There you will see clean and green mountains those are good for eyes to see.


It is the state of Karnataka and it is a tourist hot spot in India. Most of the people like to go there in October while having the festival of Dasara. This festival takes ten days of great visiting. In these ten days, you can see heaven on earth.

So, if you want to visit the great places of India so you have full freedom to move now. You can choose the best travel destination in India to visit.

Pack your bag and get ready to visit the top 10 travel destinations in India. While traveling to these places by train you can enjoy ordering your favorite food on train from FSSAI approved restaurants via Railrecipe App or RailRecipe Website.

Must Visit Top 10 Travel Destinations in India | RailRecipe Guide

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