How To Protect Children From Coronavirus

Declared as a CoronaSecondWave in India, covid19 has been spreading geographically at an aggressive speed. The first Covid-19 case was identified in Wuhan city, China in 2019. Since then, the Corona Virus has spread across countries like the United States, Brazil, France, Britain, Canada, Italy, Africa, Japan, India, etc. Now these time, India have reached 2,15,03,828 total cases and also active cases 36,53,460 of coronavirus. World Health Organization(WHO) also warns that Corona’s Third Wave is about to arrive in India very soon. Children may have to face a lot of trouble with the Corona Third Wave. Here, in this blog, we will talk about how to protect our children from corona virus, coronavirus, covid-19, CoronaThirdWave or covid19 in India.

As a parent, you want to do everything possible for protecting your children from covid19. Here, we provide you with 7 best tips to do the protecting children from corona outbreak:

1. Guiding and Practicing Hand Hygiene:

There is quiet so much that we don’t know about the covid19 and how corona virus is spreading. However, the one thing that every health expert and consult agrees on is that maintaining good hygiene is very important to stop coronaoutbreak. Your infant or toddler learns by watching you. So, you all have to follow good hygiene practices like washing your hands the proper way from handwash, not touching your nose, mouth and eyes with hands, and full covering from the elbow your nose and mouth while sneezing. Guide your child wash their hands after coming home from outside, using the toilet and before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They should be frequently washing their hands for 20 seconds with water, soap or handwash.

Using a hand sanitiser is not as good as washing your hands with soap or handwash. It is not even able to get the visible dirt off the hands of your toddler, let alone the bacteria. Also, sanitisers only work if they dry, which your infant might not be patient enough for. So, it is important that you don’t depend on a hand sanitiser before letting them breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, in case of emergencies, alcohal based hand sanitisers can be used.

2. Remind Your Toddler Not To Shake Hands With Others:

Shake hands with others is most important that you avoid handshakes to control the spread of the coronavirus, covid, covid19 or covid-19. You might think that it is not important to remind your toddler to avoid shake hands with others, but shake hands with others is a common practice among young infant. Tell them why they need to avoid this so that they have a better understanding of what is going on in India.

3. Stock Up On The Necessary Things:

If your toddler is small, you need to stock up on Necessary Things like wipes, diapers, and some over-the-counter medications. If your baby has asthma, make sure that you have a couple of extra inhalers. Buy the necessary medical supplies and the prescribed medications. Apart from the medicines, you should also buy two week’s worth of infant food like breakfast food, milk, and maggie noodles.

4. Avoid Going Into highly-Trafficked Places:

Covid19 spreads through the air in tiny droplets that are produced when a person affected by the covid-19 disease like fever, breathes, coughs, sneezes or talks. When person are within six feet of each other, corona viruses spread more easily. If any person live in an area where there has been a confirmed case of covid19, you should avoid going out completely, mostly to highly trafficked places like shopping malls, temples, shops, railway station, market, or bus stand.

5. Clean Your Home:

To protect your loving infant and prevent the spread of covid19, Covid or Covid-19, clean your home frequently, mostly the areas that are highly used. This includes water bottles, toys, mobiles, tablets, staircase railings, TV Remote, and the refrigerator. For maximising advantage, the exterior should be left wet for 30-40 seconds.

6. Maintaining Cough:

While coughing, make sure to use a tissue paper. Throw the tissue paper immediately in a sealed box, and wash your hand with water and handwash. If you don’t have tissue paper, you can bend your elbow and use it for covering your mouth and nose. Teach your infant also to use a tissue paper while coughing.

7. Wearing A Mask:

Always wearing a mask when you enters in home from outside like office, shopping malls, markets, bus stand or Railway Station. You also guiding your infant to wearing a mask when any other unauthorized person eneters in home.

Now, All parents need to guide his infants or kids to prtect from corona virus! We need to stand together to protect our children from coronathirdwave, covid19, covid, corona and corona virus.

Be Hygiene, Be Safe!!!

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