Top 8 Mouthwatering Chinese Dishes to Spice up Your Train Journey

Train Journey is always cheerful as it gives you the scenic view of different places running through the window. The excitement of the journey starts when the train leaves the station and starts moving towards the destination. However, the Chinese dishes we receive by train pantry or stall in platforms is unhygienic and can upset the stomach, which adds stress to our mind while traveling. It is one of the major concerns if you cover long distances.

Now you can leave the struggle of searching food for RailRecipe. We will deliver quality food on train from premium quality restaurants to add more delight to your journey. Moreover, if you love to eat fast foods or are a Chinese food lover, just like many other foodies, we list the best Chinese dishes options available at RailRecipe.

Top 8 Indo-Chinese Dishes to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

The Indo-Chinese dishes that we enjoy in India is, in reality, the fusion version of Chinese dishes with a blend of spices. The most common ingredients used in Indo-Chinese dishes include different sauces, Capsicum, Cabbage, Carrot, Vinegar, and more. However, the dishes cooked in the Indo-Chinese way are more popular than the original Chinese dishes. Here we adding the list of the top 8 Indo-Chinese dishes that you can enjoy during the train journey.

 Chilli Paneer

paneer-chilli-Chinese food on train

Chilli Paneer is a famous Indo-Chinese dish made up of cubes of paneer. Paneer cubes are coated with corn starch and tossed with spicy sauces along with vinegar to give perfect sparkling to your taste buds. Spring onion and garlic are added to it to add more taste to your taste buds. The dish is served with fried rice, tandoori roti, noodles, and more.

Veg Manchurian

Manchurian-Most loved Chinese food on train

People of all age groups love the dish, and it is made with cornflour and different vegetables. These are yummilicous(if such word exists) ball that uses gravy that has a different mix of flavors. Dishes like Fried Rice or Noodles compliment this dish more. Order from RailRecipe to get the best taste. You can also opt for a Chinese platter to enjoy the combo during the journey.

 Chilli Mushroom

Chilli Mushroom- Most ordered Chinese food on train

Chilli Mushroom is like Paneer Chilli, but instead of Paneer cubes, we use mushrooms here. It is a perfect Chinese dish that you can enjoy during the journey. The perfect crunch of onion, chill, tomato, capsicum, and different sauces makes the whole dish more delicious. You can order Chilli Mushroom during your train journey from RailRecipe instantly.

What About Some Amazing Non- Veg Chines Dishes?? Move towards the next section now!

Non-Veg Chinese Dishes

Chicken Manchurian

Chicken-Manchurian-Best Chinese food on train for non veg lover

Enjoy the fantastic mix of veggies with chicken cubes and different sauces. It is one of the most ordered food on train by railway passengers and is loved by all. You can order butter roti or Hakka Noodles combination from RailRecipe now to enjoy the flavor.

 Garlic Chicken

garlic-chicken-What's better than dish chinese food on train

You can’t miss enjoying these golden fried chicken pieces during your journey. The ingredients used to make this dish includes buttermilk, salt, pepper, garlic, different sauces, and Yeah! Chicken for sure. We serve it with salad to make it a perfect starter to boost your mood during the journey.

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice- Preferred chinese food on train

Fried Rice is loved by all, even if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The variation comes with the combination added to it. For veg fried rice, we use vegetables; for paneer fried rice, we use soft cubes of paneer, and for chicken fried rice, we use chicken pieces. The craze for chicken fried rice among non-vegetarian is immense, and it is one of the most favorite dishes that you can’t resist during your journey. Further, you can enjoy it with chicken chill, chicken garlic, paneer chili, and some soups.

Non-Veg Spring Roll

Non-Veg Spring Roll

Chicken spring roll is one of the lip-smacking snacks among youths. The roll is stuffed with chicken to satisfy your taste buds during the train journey. The roll is made of chicken filling along with corn, green vegetables, and onion. Order the food on train with RailRecipe and enjoy the food in one go during the journey.

Schezwan Sauce 

Schezwan Sauce 

Just like different chutneys are used in Indian cuisine. Schezwan sauce is the Chinese version of desi chutney and south Indian sambhar. It is made with the help of red chilies and garlic. Enjoy different finger-licking Chinese foods with schezwan sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order Restaurant Food on Train?

If you are availing of Indian Railways service during your journey. RailRecipe can guide to get the best food on train. Here are the steps required to follow when you order your favorite chinese dishes with us:

RailRecipe-Chinese Food on train

  1. Visit the RailRecipe website or download the app
  2. Enter your 10 digits PNR number/train name
  3. Choose your desire station where you want to get your food order on train
  4. Choose the delicious Chinese dishes from the restaurant’s menu
  5. Opt for the payment option according to your comfort


RailRecipe will share the confirmation message to your registered number and share the pertinent information about your food order. So! Now you need to relax our delivery executive will hand over the food order to you once you reach your desire station.

Besides Chinese dishes, we also offer different cuisine food items and Jain thali and serve bulk food orders if you are traveling in a group. In case of any inconvenience, you can directly contact us at 844-844-0386.


Chinese Dishes on Train to Spice up Your Journey

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