Holi Special Train List 2021

In India Holi Festival has the most important festival for the people. Holi festival comes around March month every year. Holi 2021 festival got on 28 March 2021. In the Holi festival mostly 80% of people going home to meet the family and relatives and celebrating the most important Holi festivals with his/her family members. Most people choosing public transport like the bus, train, and airplane to go home to celebrate the Holi festival. That traveler choosing Indian railways transportation mode to go home in Holi, the Indian Railways will provide relief to the train passengers who are troubled by the long wait to come to their homes on Holi 2021. Currently, waiting seats are running on trains in Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal, Jharkhand, Mumbai, Pune, Bihar, and Dehradun.

In view of this, the railway minister has extended the duration of many festival special trains and from March month. These additional special trains will make it easier for train passengers to travel home at the Holi festival. Indian Railways announced to add more than 25 Holi Special Trains 2021 every week till the Holi festival.

Indian Railways Administrators say that this initiative will provide relief to the travelers and make their journey on Holi easier. Because in view of the Holi festival celebrated on 28 March and 29 March 2021, the passenger crowd of travelers is expected to start from 15-25 March 2021. With which the Indian railway has decided to restart many more Holi Special Trains.

A Complete List of Holi Special Train 2021 From Indian Railways:

• Jaipur Station To Patna Station:-

1. 02396 – Ziyarat Festival Special Train
2. 02316 – Ananya Festival Special Train

• New Delhi Station To Patna Station:-

1. 05484 – Sikkim Mahananda Special Train
2. 02550 – North East Festival Special Train
3. 02466 – Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar Special Train
4. 03258 – ANVT-Danapur Special Train
5. 02872 – Magadh Festival Special Train

• Jaipur Station To Gaya Station:-

1. 02495 – Pratap Festival Special Train
2. 02988 – AII-Sealdah Festival Special Train

• New Delhi Station To Gaya Station:-

1. 02816 – Nandan Kanan Special Train
2. 02876 – Neelachal Special Train
3. 02324 – Barmer-Howrah Special Train
4. 02380 – Jallianwala Bagh Special Train

• Mumbai Station To Patna Station:-

1. 02741 – Vasco-Da-Gama-Patna Special Train
2. 02519 – MumbaiLTT-Kamakhya AC Special Train
3. 02336 – MumbaiLTT-Bhagalpur Special Train
4. 02362 – MumbaiCSMT- Asansol Special Train
5. 03202 – Mumbai LTT-Patna Special Train
6. 02141 – MumbaiLTT- Patliputra Special Train

• Ahmedabad Station To Howrah Station:-

1. 02833 – Ahmedabad-Howrah Special Train
2. 02905 – Okha-Howrah Special Train
3. 09205 – Porbandar-Howrah Special Train

• Nagpur Station To Patna Station:-

1. 07610 – Purna-Patna Festival Special Train
2. 06509 – KSR-Danapur Special Train
3. 02578 – Bagmati Festival Special Train
4. 02787 – Secunderabad-Danapur Special Train
5. 02522 – Rapti Sagar Special Train

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A Complete List of Holi Special Train 2021 From Indian Railways

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