10 Mouth-Watering Foods In Vijayawada

Vijayawada city located 400 km southwest of the state’s executive capital Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh state. Vijayawada city placed on the Krishna river surrounded by the Indrakeeladri Hills. Vijayawada geographically is placed in the center of Andhra Pradesh state. The Vijayawada city has been described as the commercial and educational hub of Andhra Pradesh, the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh, and is one of the rapidly growing urban areas in India. Vijayawada city is measured to be a holy place for residing one of the most visited and popular temples of Andhra Pradesh and India, Kanaka Durga Temple of Hindu Goddess Durga.

Vijayawada city is no laggard when it comes to Healthy & Delicious food. Vijayawada city is famous for its spicy Pakodas and delicious Boorelu sweets, and Vijayawada local streets are filled with many food vendors who set up shop early every morning and continue to sell their foods until late in the evening. Take a culinary journey through the market areas of the city and enliven your taste buds with the sheer variety of delicious treats taking inspiration from various cultures – local and the rest of India!

Here’s RailRecipe list of mouth-watering foods in Vijayawada city you must try. Famous Foods Options in Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh:

1. Pulihora: North Indian people may know it as Tamarind Rice, but it will always be Pulihora in Vijayawada city. Pulihora dish is a fan favorite dish in Vijayawada. You can find Pulihora very easily at local Andhra restaurants in Vijayawada city. Pulihora garnishing with fried onions and flavored with tamarind, Pulihora’s a tangy treat.


2. Chicken 65: If there is one dish that is all-over in India, mastered by street food stalls and big restaurants alike, it’s known as Chili Chicken. A spicier version of this Chili Chicken with a decidedly South Indian twist of curry leaves and dried Kashmiri chili, Chicken 65 is a favorite of the locals Vijayawada city here. In Vijayawada city, you will find Chicken 65 dishes being sold at many local restaurants and local Chinese food stalls. Chicken 65 is also a popular starter that is served at drinking restaurants, from mediocre bars to 5 stars.

chicken 65

3. Mirchi Bajji: If anyone loves spicy food, the Mirchi Bajji dish will be right up your alley. Mirchi Bajji is a super popular snack in Vijayawada city. Vijayawada peoples just can’t get enough of the heavenly spiciness of these batter-fried green chilies. Each morning, you’ll see plenty of food stalls in the market and commercial areas serving Mirchi Bajji dishes for breakfast. Mirchi Bajji is eaten with a mix of sweet and spicy chutney. Vijayawada mostly people have Mirchi Bajji with their tea.

Mirchi Bajji

4. Rava Dosa: Rava Dosa is no secret that dosa is a favorite delicacy in South India. South Indian people love their dosas and offer a wide variety. One of the most popular types of dosa in Vijayawada is the Rava dosa, which is made from sooji. Rava Dosa is served with yummy coconut chutney and spicy sambar. In Vijayawada city, you’ll find plenty of South Indian restaurants and food stalls serving excellent, healthy, and fresh Rava dosas.

Rava Dosa

5. Boorelu: Boorelu is a well-known fact that the people of Vijayawada love spicy food. However, the Vijayawada people balance out their love for spice with another, more soothing craving – that for Boorelu sweets. A very popular sweet dish served at sweet stalls around the Vijayawada city is Boorelu. Boorelu is made from rice flour and is stuffed with jaggery. Usually served at several festivals, Boorelu sweet can also be purchased at traditional sweet shops in Vijayawada city.


6. Pakodas: A very popular Indian snack, pakodas are all the rage in Vijayawada as well. In the Vijayawada city, restaurants and street food stalls sell a variety of Pakodas deep-fried batter balls of goodness with a mildly spiced sauce. You get pakodas with chicken, green chili, corn, onion, potato, and even spinach. Amongst these, corn and onion pakodas are the most popular in Vijayawada. Pakodas are eaten as an evening snack with a hot tea or as an appetizer with dinner.


7. Tikkas and Kebabs: A Tikkas and Kebabs non-vegetarian food that is very famous in Vijayawada city. Tikkas & Kebabs are small chunks of meat (either chicken or mutton) marinated in spicy masalas and grilled to produce a slightly charred, smokey-flavoured exterior and a succulent, tender interior. Tikkas & Kebabs are eaten with unleavened bread or Rotis with mint chutney and raw onions.


8. Idli-Sambhar: A traditional South Indian breakfast and snack, Idli-Sambhar is both healthy and thoroughly satisfying and Vijayawada is known for its unique idli served with a host of chutneys and sambar at every corner in the Vijayawada city. If you want a spicy kick, ask for ‘podi’, a fiery powder that lends an added deliciousness to this wholesome Idli.


9. Masala Vada: Masala Vada with air fryer & oven baked options. Masala Vada is a popular south Indian snack made with chana dal, spices, onions, curry leaves & herbs. Masala vada is also a street food & Restaurant food with chutney. Masala vada means a mixture of spices & fried snack. Masala Vada is a very famous food in Vijayawada restaurants food and street foods.

masala vada

10. Dum Biryani: Chicken Dum Biryani significant and tendency foods of present times are heading the top list if you want to hold some party and feed something pleasing to yourself and others in Vijayawada city of Andra Pradesh. Chicken Dum Biryani & Mutton Dum Biryani is a very famous food in Vijayawada restaurants food and street foods.


Vijayawada city is a wonderland of scrumptious treats for vegetarians and non-veg lovers, and sweet eater’s seekers. We have rounded up our favorite foods from Vijayawada city.

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